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The great thing about friends and family is how willing they can be to participate in experiments, not always realising what they getting themselves into, but its OK they get away mostly unscathed. Wedding and Baby photography is always changing, and with each Wedding I like to know I have something new and interesting learned just in case the couple ask me. It is true I do not always get asked for something new, nor do I often get to try that new pebble of photography wisdom, but it is good to know I have it.

Family and baby photography is very much the same, and in its own way so much more difficult, and as photographer its up to me to be sure I am ready and able, I am sure there is some appropriate boy scout photography slogan I should utter.

Now this is where friends and family come into the picture, no pun intended, OK maybe a little one. Whether its a new lens, new camera, new trick or perhaps on old style revisited those close are sure to be my test subjects, and help me ensure that the moment I take a photograph I am prepared, whether I photograph at a wedding or family shoot, I make sure I can put on my professional photographer hat and feel confident.

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My Daughter has been a brilliant model for my shoots of late and I am glad I have had this opportunity to take as many photographs of her as I have. The age she is at, she is growing in leaps and bounds, growing out of her clothes before we even get a chance to put them on her.

Constantly I am working at developing and growing my style and skills, not only on a professional level but on a more casual level aswell and I am enjoying the challenge, the constant urge to be that much better as a Photographer. Weddings will always be changing, the reason people get together will not, but each Wedding will be a representation of the couple, and so will their photographs, and professionally it is up to me to keep up with their needs and desires. The Baby photographer does not get left behind as the same things happen, each family wants to have a Baby photograph that reveals to all who that Baby really is, and as the photographer it is up to me to find the photo that says the right things.

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