Chinese Wedding at the Old Royal Navy College in Greenwich – I really appreciate an Old Royal Navy College Wedding enquiry, it really is one of the very best wedding venues in London, if not the UK. As a wedding photographer who enjoys shooting dramatic portraits this really is the perfect London venue for me and my style of photography.

I had the pleasure of initally speaking to Yifan and Kenny late last year, we chatted about their plans for their Chinese Wedding and I was chuffed to be asked to photograph their wedding at the Old Royal Naval Academy.

I have had the pleasure of photographing a number of Chinese weddings and seen a variety  of different approaches to the the traditional format of the day. The ceremony was in the Webb room in the Admirals House, and Yifan and Kenny had a chosen the Hawksmoor room for a intimate and unassuming tea ceremony right after the main ceremony. With the  ceremony witnessed by friends and family it  was truly a deeply emotional and intimate moment for the Wedding couple.

We had beautiful weather right up to the moment we decided to go outside, then the clouds loomed over and then decided to join in sprinkle us with a little rain, of course we did worry that we might miss the opportunity to shoot outside, but we did have the inside of the Painted Hall and if we only had those photo’s well I am sure we would be off to a winning start.
However the rain decided it had other parties to rain on and so left soon enough was on it merry way down the river, leaving us with a little time to get outside and enjoy a creating a few photos in the sunset outside on the ground of the Royal Naval Academy.

Thanks to Marius Tudor, Gabriela Matei and Soven Amatya for helping out on the day, and of course thanks to the staff at the Painted Hall who were friendly and helpful all the way through the day.


The-Painted-Hall-Wedding-Photography_1011Old-Royal-Navy-College-Wedding-Photography_10013The-Painted-Hall-Wedding-Photography-10010The-Painted-Hall-Wedding-Photography-10009Old-Royal-Navy-College-Wedding-Photography_10003 Old-Royal-Navy-College-Wedding-Photography_10012