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Dreams of Colour

Yesterday was Kia’s 7 days old celebration. There was a lot of cooing and mushing – and that’s just from me, one of the least mushy guys I know and I couldn’t stop myself. The latest addition to the family that once had only two people in it, is definitely requiring a certain adjustment as I realize that time that once was mine is mine no longer, and she isn’t even mobile yet.
I already worry a little more than is perhaps healthy, and I find myself checking she is OK many, many times a night: Is she warm enough; does she need anything; is she too warm perhaps, and so the fretting mind rolls along . I am at pretty sure she will let me know when she needs my attention, as her lungs have not been neglected nor has she wasted time ensuring that we know.
There has been a debate in the family about who she looks like, a debate I felt safest to not enter, not for my safety but rather to not get embroiled in a debate about family history and who’s aunt and uncle most resemble Kia’s nose or her who in the family has earlobes of a similar shape, size and wieght. Kia has been taking it all in her stride so I don’t worry, I know she will end up looking like the person she is meant to be and that’s what counts.
All things said she is growing on me as I knew she would, and while at this point in her life she isn’t the most animated of characters she does seem to be catching on, I think, on how to get my affections wrapped around her absolutely tiny hands. Angel in blue - DSD Photographers Johannesburg
Angel in blue