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Thought of Dark

Its been a busy week, in fact its been a busy everything, with so much of the photography work clamouring for my attention and my personal life deciding it will not be ignored, time has become a very valuable commodity . In recent times and I am grateful for every extra second I have, and when I get the opportunity to take some photographs amongst other things and so very often between everything else, I feel just a little better about it all. The photographer in me takes his time to find those photos that capture my imagination, causing me pause for just a second. Even in personal time when I am not wearing the professionals hat but rather just being me I still find I want to play at being the photographer, and its great. One of the upsides is that Johannesburg  has so many different things going on and this presents opportunities for those special photos, we just have to find them. Photography is terrific in that sense, when is there any reason not to photograph? Weddings, baby and family are simple and obvious times you will be pulling out the camera regardless of whether you are taking pictures for the fun of it or a professional photographer. I do admit in regards to my various projects I sometimes struggle to find that one something unique to photograph, not due to lack of material but very much due to motivation and inspiration, however I can usually get my self motivated and inspired in a short time once I get the camera clacking away.

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Simple Motion

Breeze  -

This is a recent addition to my projects. This particular skyward photo is a result of a full moon and some very accommodating clouds.

Dewan Demmer -Photography-Clouds