Welcome to my website portraying my work as a London based Wedding photographer, providing photography services both in the U.K and to destinations abroad. It’s my passion to find the creativity in life’s moments and to find that blend of the artistic with the personal, sometimes by careful planning other times by letting everything happen as it may. Through my photography I strive to show the moment that is and was in each image.


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As a photographer I personally focus on the interactions of friends, family and those everyday moments to find my best shots, those are photographs that allow someone to appreciate and relive the special moments in their life. I do believe that I am an excellent choice if you are looking for a wedding photographer in London. I like to think I am a relaxed, easy going, friendly person and that I let you know how much I genuinely care about delivering a great service. I am happy to provide examples of my work or show you past reviews based on my London Photography.

I am always willing to offer advice and support so if you have any questions about your upcoming wedding, or photography plans then do give me a call. I am more than happy to chat through what I can do to make your wedding day or at the very least your wedding photography something that you will not have worry about. As a wedding photographer in London I am aware that there are a lot of other photographers out there, with many offering bargain basement prices for photography packages and often you do get what you pay for.

Your wedding day provides you once in a lifetime memories, you want to be sure to get someone who will give you and your images the attention required. So often stories surface of couples who for one reason or another chose a “bargain package” without getting to know what they could expect from the photographer, only to find that they received poor quality photographs and ultimately were terribly unhappy with their finished package. This is simply one of the reasons I will always have a gallery of images available to show my clients that reflect the quality of my work and the time I put into it.



I have a variety of photography packages to suit a range of budgets, and I am always ready to listen to what you need from your photographer and find a plan that is tailored to you and your wedding day.

I also like to meet my clients beforehand, I can then cater to any special requirements they may have, find out what sort of images they would want from their wedding and arrange the shoot accordingly. We welcome you to get in touch and let me know what you would like to get from your photos. I have a vast and varied portfolio which you can browse through at your leisure, so please do have a browser through my site blog page.

As always please feel free to Email or drop me a message on my Facebook Page OR call me if you have questions on 07716 361 862.

By Dewan Demmer



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