One Day She Will Dance DSD Photography Johannesburg

One Day She Will Dance

Last week quite an extraordinary thing occurred, and as a result I inherited on a new title – that age old and revered title: “Father,” otherwise known simply as “dad.”

I admit that I am still very much at a loss for words, quite unable to adequately express exactly how I feel, or just how much this truly overwhelming experience affects me everyday.

I have come to realize that sleep is now a rare and special commodity to be traded and borrowed where ever possible. Many experienced parents, with an impish glimmer in their eyes, warned me about the interesting path my now lost sleeping patterns would take. That is not the only the advice I received, but on the whole it all boils down to this, and with a vigorous congratulatory handshake, I would get the sly smile and a welcome to the club of fatherhood as I all watched the old ways depart and the new rather confusing way of things start.

I am already aware how my once crisp and clear perspective on everything is now tested, opinions I had that were crystal clear and I would argue without hesitation, I now look at with a new perspective and move forward knowing I will have re-assess these old assumptions.

So I have now resorted to perhaps the one medium that can tell the story my words cannot. From behind my lens I hope I can find the story to convey more eloquently just how she is changing my world, my views and my sleeping patterns.

Admitting that I lack the words that can describe this truly bewildering and humbling change in my life, I thought I would call on the words of others who know what they are talking about and by these clever and insight comments give me something to work towards:

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” ~Author Unknown

The joys of parents are secret, and so are their griefs and fears.” ~Francis Bacon, Sr.