Frequently Asked Questions


What are your prices? Do you have different packages?
For a list of my prices please do have a look at my pricing page. For any further details on my list of packages, do drop me an email at Please remember to let me know your wedding date when you inquire, so I can check if I’m available! Also, do let me know where your wedding is going to be held – sometimes I might not be able to travel on certain dates.

How long before my wedding should I book?
The sooner the better.
These days 6 months is pretty much the safe minimum lead time for bookings if you wish to get the photographer you want.  Anything closer than that to your wedding date and you are running the risk of not getting your photographer of choice.

Are you willing to travel?
Yes, of course. While I am based in London and I am willing to travel to pretty much anywhere, given enough time to make arrangements naturally.

Do we need to provide accommodation if our wedding is outside of London?
This will depend on a number of factors, including the distance, availability of transport, what the roads are like at night, etc. Once I know the details of your wedding I can let you know.

How will my photos and album be delivered?
I do prefer couples pick up their photos and/or album themselves.
That way I can make sure that you receive your items and photos in pristine condition and ensure that you are satisfied.
Arrangements can always be made for shipping, however while every effort is made to ensure it arrives in as good condition as it left, I cannot guarantee this.
Should anything be shipped to you there will be the couriers fee to consider.

Do we have full rights to our Photos?
I offer the photos with full non-commercial rights to your images, this means you can copy, print and share the images as much as you want with your friends and family.

Do you shoot in black and white and colour?
I do a mix of black and white and colour, with certain images far better in colour while some are best in black and white, on occasion a set of images work well in both formats. So each image is treated individually when deciding on which will be in colour or Black and White

Do you digitally enhance photos?
I use Professional editing software for both my normal work flow like colour correction and to also personalise every single photo, its about finding the best moment in every photo I edit.
Please note:  I do not do extreme digital manipulation on you images, I prefer it keep the image as natural as possible.

When do I need to make the final payment?
4 weeks before your wedding day or by an agreed upon date. If you require any additions to your package this extra cost will only be due before the extra portion is handled. Please be aware that I do not start work on your photos until full payment has been confirmed.

How soon can I have my photos?
Normally within 4 – 6 weeks after receipt of your final payment.
It depends on your preferences, should there be any extras or perhaps important decisions you are making about your photos then the delivery date may be longer.

Do you recommend we meet with our Photographer before the shoot ?
Whether its your Wedding day or and any event, on the day you will have so much else on your mind you may forget to confirm ideas or important information with your photographer. Meeting before the day is your opportunity to let me know what you want for the day, its our chance to discuss locations, those involved and anything on your mind.

Can we upgrade our album or order additional albums after the wedding?
Yes, of course, that’s not a problem.

When will our album be ready?
This can work two ways. Either, once you’ve received your photos I can design your album with my choice of photos, or you can go through the photos and send me a list of +- 80 of your favourite photos, and I will design the album around these photos, adding others where the “story” of a page needs to be complete. If you choose this option, please ensure that you’ve sent me your photo choice within two weeks of receiving your photos. After that I can’t guarantee that the album will be finished within my usual time frame.
After I’ve begun the album design, you can expect the first proof of the album one to two weeks later. I allow up to two album proofs with unlimited changes per draft to ensure that you love your album. When you approve the final design, the album is sent to print with an estimated three week turnaround time.

Do you use professional equipment ?
Yes I do and click on this link to see some of the equipment you may expect to see on the day.

How many photos will we receive ?
This will vary and will depend on how long I am with you. You will get roughly 450 – 800 photos if I am with you for 6 or more hours. While all photos are cropped, colour corrected and given personal attention, should you find a photo you really love and you would like it to get a little special attention, I am happy to see what I can do to for for you. Should you want me to alter a photo from black and white to colour or vise versa no problem, these are your memories.

Do you work with an assistant ?
Yes. My assistant helps me ensure it all runs smoothly and on schedule, while getting other angles and moments of you wedding day.

Do you also do videography?
No, but I will be more than happy to  provide you with names and details

Do I need to seat you at a table?
I place to sit seating and something to eat is always appreciated,  an excellent imte is when everyone else is eating.
It is preferable close to a wall power socket and within view of the Bride and Groom, so I know if something important is happening

What do you wear on the wedding day?
I  generally wear dark semi-formal clothing in order to blend in and to stay unnoticed as much as possible.


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