Quiet Contemplation - Johannesburg Photographer - DSD Photography

Quiet Contemplation - DSD Photography

To date I have taken a fair number photos of my daughter Kia, and I will admit proudly that I do not see this new trend ending any time soon. She is growing so fast that I get home late evening after running around and wonder if it is my imagination or has she somehow visibly grown while I was out.

I had an opportunity a short while ago to catch her in some really fun poses, those classic and interesting positions you only a chance to do once in a babies life, and of course she was sleeping. It was a great experience being able to photograph these fleeting moments and know that if I did not do it now they would not be caught at all.


Sweet Dreams - Johannesburg photographer - DSD Photography

Sweet Dreams - DSD Photography

Baby photography is very different from wedding photography, and yet so similar and with me its the similarities that seem to crop up the most. At a Wedding the moments are fleeting, dont pay attention and the precious moment will have passed, never to be repeated. The tender moments that make it special for me as a Family and Wedding photographer can be gone in a breathe so it becomes very important to keep watching and never stop taking the photos, think of it like breathing. I do.

These photos are truly worth the time spent and each picture is precious to me, all my photos have a special place for me, which is why I keep almost all the photo’s I ever take, that said I have learned to be discerning about what I keep, otherwise I would be swamped.

Kia’s photos have a central place on my wall, not next to anything but rather everything else now is next to these. With people who are central to our lives and children at the centre of it all, it only makes sense.

Now I think I will go find some more photos to take.

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