My name is Dewan Demmer and I am a Wedding Photographer in North London. I have a passion for wedding photography and would love the opportunity to offer couples an alternative and creative style of wedding photography. I have experience working in a number of amazing London venues, and am always happy to travel to Hertfordshire (I live within half an hour of it and have my own transport,) so if you have booked your favourite venue and are looking at Wedding photographers in Hertfordshire you can trust and who loves travel look no further.

Why get married in Hertfordshire? It’s simple – Hertfordshire has everything that you could look for in a wedding venue.

  • Its proximity to North London means you have the choice to for example, have your ceremony in London and then drive half an hour out for your reception.
  • The landscapes and scenery are magnificent: From secluded wooded areas to rolling hills and flaxen fields, if you’re a bride that would like wedding photographs set in nature, then Hertfordshire is for you.
  • You can have your barn wedding in Hertfordshire. Barn weddings are very much the in thing at the moment and Hertfordshire is ideal as it has the space.
  • It may be slightly cheaper than London.  Economizing but have lots of London based friends? Why not drive half an hour out of London and get the nicer venue that you loved but couldn’t afford in Greenwich.
  • The main fast train lines from London run right through Hertfordshire straight down to King’s Cross station. Meaning all your guests will travel home safe and sound.

I work create truly romantic and personal photos with wondrous Landscapes, quirky streets, starry skies and can even take a little bit of rain and make into something special, providing you with personal photos that are all about you. To see a bit more about me and how I work, please click here.   Each and every wedding is unique and I am always happy to tailor to your needs.

I offer a personal touch to your day and strive to make your day as care free as possible.  I will always meet you for a cup of tea or coffee to show you my work and let you know how I work and the type of photos that I take. I am what is known as a photo journalist photographer, which means I capture things as they happen through day, rather than taking the majority of photographs as posed pictures. I do also do posed pictures, for the bride and groom shots and family portraits, but the rest of the day is yours to enjoy and mine to capture. So if you hate pictures but your mother in law is simply bothering you to get wedding pictures, have a think – maybe we’ll work well together!

To get in touch with me (fun, quirky and creative London wedding photographer)  fill in the contact form and let see how I can make your day that much better.

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