Many if not most people these days want their images in digital format, and why not ? If the world we live in is so digitally orientated, surely that is how we perceive and share our images and memories ?  These images of events, weddings, birthdays, family  and any moment in our lives have such value,  and sharing these images in this digital era is getting easier with each breath.

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To the point; is digital better than the real thing? I honestly am inclined to say no. The real printed photo endows something visceral that is very difficult to easily explain or even duly encompass. It taps into a primal part of us that lingers in the physical. When a photo is printed and I see it revealed for the first time there is that unexplained thrill, for want of a better word,  that I can never get from a digital image on any screen, no matter how often I see it. To me the digital lacks the reality of a printed photo.

With so much digital at this time in our lives,  and with absolutely so much moving onto the Internet. I often feel as if our lives are moving, along with everything else, online and into the little bits of data, and perhaps this is why tangible photos can have greater meaning in our lives. As our world becomes more digitally orientated, and as we move our lives online somehow the physical images touch on what is real in our world .

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We share our photos online everyday, via a hundred mediums and have them everywhere , on our desk, in our homes even in our pocket, but these mediums so seldom, if ever, have the impact that a photo printed and mounted can have. The fact is that once printed the image is real, it is no longer part of the electronic stream of data mixed with hundreds or even thousands of other images we are bombarded and overwhelmed with every time we move online. In essence we are desensitised in the digital world, we seem to no longer feel and appreciate fully what is in photos, but a printed photo is a tangible item that we see, feel and interact with.  This brings the photo back to us, making it more personal and as a result drawing us in, which is hopefully exactly what we intend for our images.

So when you want your digital images and think about sharing and perhaps having it as a background on your desktop, for a moment consider printing it, finding a unique frame and putting it somewhere special, you will not regret it.