Bridal Prep to photograph or not to photograph. What is the question ?

bride getting ready with dress nearby

There can be a number of choices and decisions that can influence your choice on whether or not you would like your wedding photographer with you during your bridal prep. Anything from budget to whether or not you would like someone with you, photographing you a little while before your big day can influence you decision to have the photographer in the room with you. I have put together this little post to briefly touch on the most prominent questions and hopefully add a little light on the subject.

Steady nerves deserve a drink and a little rescue remedy



So do you really need a photographer for your bridal prep ?

Short answer : No

Long answer : Maybe. (I’ll elaborate as I go on)

Is it a Good idea to have a photographer with you during bridal prep ?

Short Answer : Yes.

Long Answer : Definitely!

Now allow me the chance try explain why, in my own convoluted way, I think having a photographer is an excellent idea.

Well firstly, while you spend all morning and even a fair portion of the rest of the day before getting ready and making sure everything and every bit is in place and perfect, your other half may very well be sitting on a couch, in his old shorts watching a rerun of the weather while wondering if he remembered to feed the cat this morning. The Groom may only get ready 30 minutes before it is time to leave, and that may include time for a cup of coffee and a biscuit.

Groom getting a high five while bride gets ready

Now, you know that getting ready as a Bride will take to a special kind of effort, which starts off as a blank canvas and emerges as a work of art and beauty greater than the groom ever imagined possible.

I should be fair to the Groom, many do spend the time before to check their speech or follow up on last minute details to ensure the day runs the it should. Of course the Groom may still be doing this while half-dressed, but he still is doing his bit.

Surely this is an excellent reason to have the photographer present, to capture the moments as the bride is allowed to show herself to the most stunning degree. In fact this will be even better if you have a second photographer to snap a few moments with the Groom, as he watches the weather re-runs and as he metamorphosises into a well groomed fellow that the bride may not even recognize.