Eloise & Hein Holton

Date | July.2012

Ceremony and Reception | Makiti, Muldersdrift

London Wedding Photographer |  Dewan Demmer


First Dance of Eloise and Hein Holton Wedding | DewanDemmer.com

London Wedding Photography | Getting ready 2

London Wedding Photographer |  Mix1

London Wedding Photographer |  The Rings

London Wedding Photography |  Getting ready 5

Eloise and Hein are a couple truly in love with each other. They made being together seem all so easy where ever they are, whether in Johannesburg or in the bush, and I say that because they run a lodge in the Okovango Delta. Now the idea of running anything in the Okovango Delta sounds amazing, and conjures up images of  wild long grass, open expanses of water and nothing but nature at peace.  They took the trip from the Okovango Delta to Johannesburg just as winter had decided to show itself, and they took the winter’s chill in their stride no matter what the weather brought on, there were smiles all round and more than a tinge of nerves and excitement.

The photo session is always a great time, the bride and groom are in the moment where its all official but somehow it all need a little time to settle in, and it during this time I get to photograph the couple.

I must not a big thanks to my talented and always helpful second Jeanine van Aswegen who was there capturing those special moments along side me.


London Wedding Photography |  Mix2

London Wedding Photographer |  Photoshoot 1

London Wedding Photographer |  Photoshoot 5

What I do enjoy the most about the above photo is how it really was not posed, how it came to be exactly I do not remember, but I remember yelling ‘stop!’ and then taking the photo. I love photographs that happen that way.