So very often the topic of what should a second shooter do on the day or what is expected comes up. I have a very general set of tips that I work with. These tips I apply to myself as much as I will apply them to anyone who second shoots for me.

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1) Be a Professional :

No matter how much you enjoy what you do, everything you do will reflect on the main photographer. You have a job to do and do it a well as you can, it makes the main photographer look good and it makes you look good.

2) Its not your Shoot :

It can be surprising how often people think that it is OK to promote themselves when working for someone else. This is a big NO. leave your business cards at home, and when you meet up with the main photographer perhaps ask for a few business cards that you can hand out to anyone that asks.

3) Leave Ego at the Door :

Just remember, as a second shooter, your number one goal is to create the best photos you can and simplify the main photographer’s life a little bit…If that means you miss out on the best photo opportunity. Everyone would like to photograph the bride getting ready, and capture the special moments. Chances are you will not get to do those photos, so look at what you have to do and give the best you have.



4) Be Helpful :

This is can vary from bringing the main photographer a refreshing drink to offering to carry the bags. Offer to carry the extra lens the main photographer might need ( only if you got a safe place to keep it of course ). Being ready to do that little bit extra is always appreciated.

5) Pay attention:

The main photographer is pretty much focused on what is going on through the lens and it can really help if you let the main photographer know when something special or important is about to happen. Pay attention to what the main photographer is doing and how they doing it, this way you know how to compliment their style and how to make sure you getting the photos needed.

6) Attitude :

When you walk out the door and have a thumping headache or you just had an arguement with the postman, remember the moment you arrive you have to leave that behind and smile. There is always someone watching even when you think they not and being outwardly positive can really have an excellent effect on everyone, especially when you taking the photo.


7) Knows whats expected of you :

Every photographer has a way of working and set of expectations for the day, and this will include what is needed from the second shooter. Where one person may be quite happy for a second shooter to
photograph the same moments from similar angles other photographers may be more particular and require a more a totally different focus for the second. This is the reason to always make sure you chat with
the primary photographer before hand and get to know just what is required.

8) Dress Appropriately :

Be sure to check with the main photographer what to wear on the day. The main photographer may have a set way dressing or dress may be dictated by the dress code for the wedding. If in doubt dress as if you going to an office interview.

9) The photos are not yours :

The photos you create are the main photographers unless otherwise mentioned. Discuss with the main photographer if you may use any of the images and if so then make sure to be clear about how, where and when. This will really depend on the agreement you have with the main photographer and you may very well not be able to use any of the images.


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Article by Dewan Demmer of Dewan Demmer Photography