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Deciding whether you need a second shooter at your wedding can be a interesting choice to make. This is one of those desicions where everyone will have a different opinion and with each different reason being valid. The truth is that the final choice is down to you since it is your wedding day and no one else will know what you want out of it in term of photography.


Not all Photographers use a second shooter, some have a method that works and simply have decided that a second shooter will slow them down or perhaps get in their way, while other Photographers work differently and are comfortable using a second shooter, and see them as useful addition to the day.

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So many memorable moments happens on a wedding day and no matter how talented the photographer is, he or she cannot be in two places at the same time. A second shooter can be with the groom and capturing a few moments with the guys while the main photographer is with the bride getting ready. That moment when the bride walks down the aisle, and the main photographer is focused on the bride, it’s the second photographer who can capture the smile on the grooms face when he first see his bride. These are unique moments that cannot be repeated.
One photographer could be capturing a few candid moments of the guests chatting to the newly wed couple while the other photographer captures details of the venue, the flowers, table settings, hand made items.

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The second photographer is a second set of eyes that can catch moments no-one else might see. A little smile between the newly wed couple, a laugh amongst friends, a hug from a grandparent, or a teary moment with someone special. These are small moments that can mean so much and the second person helps find those moments and catch them for the future.

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The second shooter allows for a different perspective, which means we can capture the same moment in two different ways, an example is of the first dance, where one set of photos is