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Light and dark

Helen And Duncan - Leeds Wedding - Dewan_Demmer_Photography-1002

Light Arches, Dark Walls

I seem to have many photography projects on the go at any one time, and this is in many ways a good thing, this way when I have an opportunity to take a photo I have an ongoing point of reference. Now I find light and dark to be a truly simple concept that can be brought to so many different excellent conclusions. As a Professional Photographer I am often tempted to do a simple black and white, but at times its the colour, that in so many cases, accentuates the contrasts.

As a photographer I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to draw on so many different avenues for photographic inspiration and experimentation, not only as a professional photographer but also since I find myself involved in so many different endeavours and those avenues less taken.

One of these avenues is our local Theatre, it has its own sway and vibe and Theatre truly is a great place where light and dark reveals itself and when it happens and I have my camera on hand to take advantage of the opportunity to photograph the moments when I can.  I find myself involved with the theatre in my own way, and have for a number of years, and it has helped me grow and develop in ways I had never thought about without realising the value and impact it would have on my professional and personal life, as the years have gone on.

Light and Dark, I think is a project, while it is found at weddings, family, pretty much anywhere, it is very much about the interpretation and consideration of the viewers perspective.


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The Dark in the light of the eye