With winter finally settling in, the rain finally decided that it is way too cold and left in search of warmer horizons, which I must say is a bit of a relief, as a Johannesburg winter is not supposed to be cold and wet, just cold! I found myself sorting through some of this summer’s photos, giving me time to make order of my personal catalogue.

Photograph of a Johannesburg Teddy on a Fig tree

Getting in touch with nature

Summer is really a great time for photography, with so much activity. The world seems to come alive during the summer months, as we shed our wintery ways and step out into the warm sun and really do our best to make something interesting happen, not to mention the plants and wildlife in abundance. Simply point the camera in any direction and you’re bound to have something worthy of a photograph.

Gordons Bay Marina Cape

Gordons Bay Marina

Sadly not all photos turn out the way I would like no matter how much I try, squint, or beg – it is the way of the photographer as we work and search for the perfect photo to be taken at that perfect moment. This summer was great for photos which I took aplenty, with Wedding photos, Baby Photos, Maternity and then those few moments when I had no reason to be shooting anything other than what I wanted to. A photographer in the wild, I might exclaim, but alas, I have been city bound this Summer, so let’s say wild photographer in the city and see where that leads.

So that said I thought I would perhaps post one or two of those personal photos. I will probably update this as I go, since I have so much in my photo library and deciding what appeals is sometimes more of a challenge than anything else.