A London Pub Wedding is it the venue for you and your Wedding Day


Is a pub a possible venue for your Big day, maybe it should be?

The venue for your wedding reception is probably one of the first decisions you will make. The wedding venue is the one place where you will finally get to sit down, have something to eat, have the speeches, your first dance and then proceed to dance the night away. This is where some of the most memorable parts of the day will happen, second only to the ceremony.
A pub wedding is not always the first, obvious choice since there are so many options and alternatives, with an option for every wallet and preference.
When it comes to Weddings and choosing whether a pub wedding is for you, there are obvious upsides.

An upside can be the cost of a pub Wedding especially in London, making it the difference between a venue that suits you and choosing what you can afford. Pubs as with any venue cover the entire price range, however they can be excellent value for your money and add something special in the bargain. As a wedding venue, pubs cover a very broad spectrum, from the smaller intimate venue where a small group of friends and family can sit down together and enjoy a meal, with good company and a festive atmosphere, to the larger pubs that cater to bigger weddings accommodating, in some cases, over 100 guests and with all the expected extras, whilst still retaining a certain pub feeling.

Pub Wedding Leadenhall market at the lamb tavern

Pub Wedding Feel at the Trafalgar Tavern

It’s also less stressful to have everything sorted out at one venue, rather than having to find a venue for the ceremony, then another venue for afterwards, sorting out catering, drinks, chairs and tables, and liaising with up to ten different people for all of this!  Some pubs also offer rooms for the night, so family travelling in for the wedding have somewhere  convenient to spend the night without worrying that they will have to drive somewhere else after a few drinks or late at night. They can relax and enjoy themselves, making the most of your special day.

A smaller pub will offer you a cosy, familiar atmosphere with staff that you can get to know well prior to the ceremony and a larger, well known pub, such as The Trafalgar Tavern will offer you the entire range of professional services you would expect from the more mainstream wedding venues such as a hotels and established wedding venues. The Brownswood is perhaps a nice example of a smaller pub, offering the first floor for special events, with broad open windows that open up in Summer to let in the warm summer breeze, as cold champagne is served and glasses raised.

Pub Wedding decor at the brownswood Table Setting at Pub Wedding Summer Pub Wedding Table Pub Wedding tea Pub Wedding choice of food Pub Wedding starters Pub Wedding snacks