Having recently moved from South Africa to England, and into the middle of  London I was quite humoured to discover I have a forest barley 5 walk from my flat.  To be correct I have 2 forests , one being the Queens Wood and the other the Highgate Wood. Now coming from a SOuth African lowveld where the quiet night does not mean much in the outdoors with every insect and creature making itself heard and contesting for the most creative the Englsih woods are very really chalk and cheese, with them being so very silent, but there it begins the compirson in so many ways.

Perhaps with time as I had to this Project I will update my experience and opinions, but lets start simple for now.

Right now as I am getting used to the difference in light , and there really is a deference in how it is defused and so far I consider it very photo friendly .

Wedding Photographers in London | Dewan Demmer Photography

Wedding Photographer in London | Dewan Demmer Photography

London Wedding Photographers| Dewan Demmer Photography

London Wedding Photographer| Dewan Demmer Photography

London_Photography-1002 Path to a London forest | Dewan Demmer photography

Roadside London  | Dewan Demmer photography