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Baby Aurora PhotoShoot – Johannesburg

Sometimes baby does not want to be photographed, and in this case Aurora simply wanted time with Mom and Dad. The fuss in front of the camera meant little to the 3 week old, who simply was not interested. As the baby photographer I had my work cut out so with gentle coaxing, quick timing [...]

By |December 14th, 2011|Baby, Kaylee Adrian and Baby Aurora|1 Comment
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Preview – Baby Aurora – Johannesburg Baby PhotoShoot

A really special baby!  Aurora was a whole 3 1/2 weeks old when these photos were taken and as a professional photographer it is always interesting and an opportunity to learn. Baby had her own ideas about how things would be done, and who was I as the baby photographer to argue with this special [...]

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Two Month Kia

The great thing about friends and family is how willing they can be to participate in experiments, not always realising what they getting themselves into, but its OK they get away mostly unscathed. Wedding and Baby photography is always changing, and with each Wedding I like to know I have something new and [...]

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Baby in the Cradle

To date I have taken a fair number photos of my daughter Kia, and I will admit proudly that I do not see this new trend ending any time soon. She is growing so fast that I get home late evening after running around and wonder if it is my imagination or has [...]

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Baby Kia’s Home

Yesterday was Kia’s 7 days old celebration. There was a lot of cooing and mushing - and that’s just from me, one of the least mushy guys I know and I couldn't stop myself. The latest addition to the family that once had only two people in it, is definitely requiring a certain [...]

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