Dark and Light Project Continues

Its been a busy week, in fact its been a busy everything, with so much of the photography work clamouring for my attention and my personal life deciding it will not be ignored, time has become a very valuable commodity . In recent times and I am grateful for every extra second I [...]

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Autumn Bloom

A tad late perhaps, as winter has really made its mark in Johannesburg with some really chilly weather. Its chill was compelling enough to force me indoors and behind the computer to do the photography work I may have otherwise avoided with some of the forgiving winter weather we have had to date. One photo [...]

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Light and Dark Project

Light and dark Light Arches, Dark Walls I seem to have many photography projects on the go at any one time, and this is in many ways a good thing, this way when I have an opportunity to take a photo I have an ongoing point of reference. Now I find [...]

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