Megan and Lee

Date : Nov.2011

Venue | Roodepoort

London Wedding Photographer | Dewan Demmer

Second Photographer | Jacques Ford

I will say from the beginning that Megan and Lee are a terrific couple and some of the nicest people you could possibly ever hope to meet. That said, by the time the Wedding day arrived I was pretty eager to get started photographing there wedding day, with beautiful summer sunny skies and temperatures that were just right for the day. This couple made everything such a pleasure to do for them, and were so relaxed and easy going in front of the camera that they made my job as the wedding photographer, well, easy. A nod to Jacques Ford my second for the day, he made sure a shot was never missed.

Megan and Lee Fredericks | | 1013

Megan and Lee Fredericks | | 1026

DSC_4Megan and Lee Fredericks Wedding | 1002684g-1-1117

Megan and Lee Fredericks | | 1027