Fun Moment at the engagement photoshoot

Engagement photography on regents canal

Engagement Photography of a Kiss on Regents Canal

Regents canal engagment photography at a lock

Engagement photography near Shoreditch

Tower Bridge engagement photoshoot

Tower Bridge view engagement Photography

Black and white engagement photo on tower bridge

Enagagement Photoshoot Tower Bridge London

A Rambling London Engagement Photoshoot on a Chilly January Morning

When : January (2014)

Where :  Regent Canal  and Tower Bridge

Couple : Koreen and Reuben

Engagement Shoot Photographer : Dewan Demmer

It was a frosty January morning I met Koreen and Reuben near the Regents Canal for their wintery London Engagement Photoshoot, and with clear blue skies we decided to make the best of the morning and walk the canal. Koreen and Reuben are a fantastic, New Zealand couple who wanted engagement photos that reflected the London landscape and feel. The feeling and atmosphere was important and I did my best to interpret how they saw London into a simple set of images.

I was quite interested that Koreen really wanted an image that they felt would be very London, and could be included in their wedding invite for all their freinds and family in New Zealand. We spoke about any number of ideas and I do think the cloudy afternoon weather on Tower Bridge really worked very well at capturing their impression of London.

The Regents Canal was an excellent start to the morning, a quiet stroll along the canal with the Narrow-boats settled in along the for the frosty winter morning and early morning joggers and cyclists as they passed by. The morning past and we left the canal and made our way through Shoreditch to the river Thames, along Potters Field Park and to Tower Bridge.

The Sun had by this time given up and let the clouds take over, and before long the sky was covered with heavy clouds. Not to be deterred we found a perfect spot on the Tower bridge for a set of engagement photographs, and  in amongst the hustle and bustle that is the norm on Tower Bridge we took the opportunity to capture some excellent images.


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