Bat-mitzvah-Name-in-lights Hendon-Hall-Hotel-Bat-Mitzvah-Flowers Hendon-Hall-Hotel-Bat-Mitzvah-layout Bat-Mitzvah-chair-dance bat-Mitzvah-Mother-chair-dance Bat-Mitzvah-Father-and-Chair-Dance Bat-Mitzvah-Birthday-Cake Dancing-at-Hendon-Hall-Bat-Mitzvah London-Bat-Mitzvah-Hora-Dance Father-Dances-with-daughter-at-Bat-MitzvahA Special Hendon Hall Bat Mitzvah

With Summer in full swing I was off to the Hendon Hall Hotel and today it was for a special celebration. It was a birthday Party and a special one at that, it was the Bat Mitzvah of Angelica.
This was no small party and with a guests filling the venue for this special day, there was not shortage of participants when it came time for the Hora and Chair Dance. Her Parents had made sure to add a few little personal extras, from personalised Bat Mitzvah T-shirts to the special video messages from friends and family around the world.
The speeches involved a little bit from everyone, and a little singing it was soon time to enjoy an excellent dinner before everyone got onto the dance floor and danced the night away.


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Article by Dewan Demmer of Dewan Demmer Photography