A Few Favourite London Wedding Photography Moments

I have not ever created a list of this nature, so I have I decided to keep it to a few of my London Wedding Photography favourites. Starting with just a few of my favourite snapshots , out of literally thousands that capture a myriad of moments for me. Its these moments that tell so much, the moment the father steps down the aisle with his daughter, that moment after the first kiss, the moment the bride is on the dance floor with her friends and their favourite tune starts to play.

Each of these Wedding photos can be referred to as a moment in time, a point in time. However there are certain photographs that mark a more heightened moment, where we are drawn, just a little more, into the photo a by the action ( or inaction ) of our subject. All of the moments have a story, and that is a little bit of what wedding photography is all about, finding the moments and telling the story.

Here are is a quick view of a few favourite moments, I am sure I will pop a few more favourites soon.

Groom makes a funny face Groom stares out window on way to wedding Wedding day outdoor games Father Hugs son at Wedding outside inner wedding moment Jokes during ceremony Guests throw paper aeroplanes on ship groom saying vows same sex marriage Groom moments before the wedding