the-petersham-hotel-in-richmond makeup-artist-checks-her-work bride-is-getting-makeup-done Mother-watches-daughter-preparing Bridal-prep-photos

Wedding-dress-at-the-petersham-hotel silhouette-of-bride-getting-ready ceremony-flower-decor brides-shoes Brides-bouquet photos-of-bridal-Bouquet reception-flowers-and-decor guest-greeted-by-groom Groom-and-his-brother-wait-in-the-Richmond-petersham-hotel father-gives-bride-away bride-laughing-at-joke-during-reception best-man-handing-over-rings groom-gives-a-quiet-look rings first-few-moments-as-newly-wed-couple View-from-the-petersham-hotel Bubbles-for-bride-and-grooms-entrance Bubble-confetti-at-the-petersham-hotel-in-richmond 2015-08-01 - Andrea and Darren-1324 best-man-blowing-bubbles Grandmother-blows-bubbles wedding-cake table-decor-photos-at-the-petersham-hotel wedding-Couple-photo-in-front-of-thames bride-and-groom-portrait Bride-photo-by-the-thames Bridal-photo boating-on-the-thames flower-and-table-decor-at-the-petersham-hotel groom-tells-fishing-story-during-speech mother-dries-tears everyone-shares-a-toast bottle-of-bubbles Andrea and Darren had been working up to this day a while and were so very excited about this day coming up. Andrea’s family having come all the way from Hungary to spend this special once in a lifetime moment with their daughter and soon to be son-in-law. The couple had chosen to keep it small and intimate. This meant when they thought their Wedding at the Petersham Hotel it ticked all the boxed and in just the right way.

It was a beautiful day when we met up earlier in the morning in the day of the wedding, I got to meet Andrea’s parents and her sister, none of them spoke English but with a few gestures and a helpful translation when needed we found a way to communicate and laugh at ourselves, I probably laughed mostly at myself as I thought how little sense I must make. Andrea’s room was a bustle of actively as friends and family moved back and forth, in and out each getting things done and making sure the day went to plan all the while Andrea at the centre of it all.
I could see she was brimming with excitement and ready for the day.

I quickly popped downstairs to meet Darren who was with his family, enjoying a cup of tea. We chatted and talked about the day ahead and got to know his family a little.

I took this opportune moment to have a look around the The Petersham Hotel in Richmond, a wonderful little hotel just eight miles from Central London, and a stunning four star hotel, standing proudly at the top of Richmond Hill, this small wedding venue overlooks the the River Thames and the fields on the rivers edge, which leaves you with a wonderful and picturesque view. A Brilliant choice for Andrea and Darren for their very special day.

The ceremony was heartfelt and joyous moment for the couple and tender moments filled with witty moments , meaning the ceremony had everyone smiling. Now one little extra the couple had chose was to use bubbles instead of the traditional rice or confetti, and while we did watch were a errant breeze the weather behaved and the newly weds entrance was celebrated with bubbles and more bubbles. I did get to see the lovely thing about bubbles, and that is everyone one likes bubbles, it is the ageless pleasure, everyone made sure to add to the entrance bubbles and in fact I do not think we could have stopped a few guests.

We whisked the couple away down to the Thames river for a photos with the wonderful weather, we were not going to waste the opportunity. Richmond being a suburban town in south west London, on a meander of the River Thames, it is a specific Act of Parliament that protects the scenic view of the River Thames from Richmond.

Time soon caught up with us and we made sure to be back at The Petersham Hotel for tea. The evening was filled with friends, family and lovely memories.



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Article by Dewan Demmer of Dewan Demmer Photography