Brilliant Summer Camden Wedding Photographed by St. Pancras Station


Ceremony-Room-at-Camden-Town-Hall Wedding-Photography-of-Bride-and-flower-girl

Wedding-Photography-of-Bride-and-flower-girl Bride-on-steps-in-Camden-Town-Hall

Rings-in-Book-of-London Flower-Girl-peeking-around-corner Bride-walked-down-aisle-by-mom Groom-Seeing-Bride-down-aisle Mother-hands-daughter-to-future-husband Groom-says-I-Do Photograph-of-Groom-Winning-a-smile Photographing-the-Wedding-Vows Tender-Moment-after-I-Do First-Kiss-after-I-do Bestman-holding-rings friend-congratulates-bride Father-in-Law-congratulates-Bride Friend-congratulates-groom-at-Camden

Friend-congratulates-groom Confetti-at-Camden-Town-Hall Wedding-couple-leaving-Camden-Town-Hall A-Kiss-as-rice-falls Booking-Office-Drink-and-Food Groom-chats-with-family booking-office-food-collage Groom-leads-the-way-with-bouquet Whispering-on-St-Pancras-Hotel-Stairs Wedding Picture at St Pancras Posed-on-St-Pancras-Hotel-Grand-Staircase Resting-on-St-Pancras-Hotel-Stairs Testing-door-to-Booking-Office-St-Pancras Bride-smiles-as-groom-looks-on

Photograph-as-Bride-poses-with-a-smile Bride-and-Groom-share-a-glance Bride-and-Groom-in-busy-St-Pancras-Station Wedding-Couple-at-St-Pancras-Station Bride-and-Groom-at-entrance-to-St-Pancras-Station Bride-smiles-with-friend-in-taxi Entrance-to-Iberica-Restaurant Iberica-food-collage Wedding-Table-at-Iberica-restaurant Wedding-Menu-photographed-at-Iberica

Season : Summer

Ceremony  : Camden Town Hall, Camden, London

Drinks : Booking Office Restaurant, Camden, London

Venue :Iberica, Marylebone, London

Couple : Lola and Scott

North London Wedding Photography by : Dewan Demmer

Able Assistant and Second Photographer : Janhoi Anderson

With Summer in the air, a warm day and clear blue skies I set off for Camden Town Hall Wedding of Lola and Scott.  Great weather, Great Couple … what more could I possibly ask for ?

With friends and family arriving from around the world, and not everyone speaking English it was a terrific little local Wedding to be part of. Not often we get to do a bit of local wedding photography, and with Camden a few minutes down the road from … well, this was to be one of those days. The ceremony in the Camden Town Hall, was such a nice affair, the little bit that sticks in my mind is how the couple had tied the wedding rings into a old red book about London. The couple were married to the cheer of the guests and soon they were surrounded by those people who mean so much to them, I had so many special moments to capture. For me  its these are moments that wedding photography is all about.

Soon it was time to move on and the newly wed couple stepped out the Town Hall to be showered with rice by their enthusiastic guests and a welling of cheerful emotion, that had everyone smiling. The first stop was the Booking Office Restaurant where we photographed everyone as they chatted and mingled and relaxed, with special little nibbles to ensure no-one went hungry and with plenty of drink to ensure everyone was well watered. It was at this time we snuck away from everyone for a few moments to photograph the couples photos shoot, and we made full use of the St. Pancras International Station, from the St. Pancras Station Entrance to George Gilbert Scott’s magnificent staircase of the  St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. The stairs gave the couple a chance to relax with each for a few moments and share a little time together and get their second wind, and soon they were back to the Booking Office Restaurant and with a cheer and wave guided everyone onto the next destination.

This had the best man ushering taxi after taxi as the guests filed into the car and gave the driver instructions to take them to Iberica Restaurant. The great bit about taxi rides is getting to know everyone in the car with you, the journeys may be short but it is always enough time for introductions and a short story. The Iberica Spanish Restaurant in Marylebone is a all about the Spanish cuisine with as they state a “seasonal gastronomic tapas”, with a special section set aside for the Wedding couple and their guests, it made an excellent stopping point for the day. The surroundings in the Iberica restaurant are welcoming and with drinks flowing and everyone chatting and enjoying the day. The only moments that brought a lull to conversation was when the Iberica staff served the guests, and as everyone tasted the food, then it was time for smiles of pure enjoyment.

A special thanks to my Second Janhoi Anderson, who got himself left behind at the St. Pancras Station due to my minor taxi confusion.


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Article by Dewan Demmer of Dewan Demmer Photography