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A London Pub Wedding is it the venue for you and your Wedding Day

A London Pub Wedding is it the venue for you and your Wedding Day   Is a pub a possible venue for your Big day, maybe it should be? The venue for your wedding reception is probably one of the first decisions you will make. The wedding venue is the one place where you will [...]

My Little Nikon 35mm DX 1.8 on a Full Frame Camera … How well does it work

Now I am not really a prime user, and prefer the versatility and flexibility my zooms offer me. That said when it comes to low light and being able to increase light coming in through the lens by more than a stop, then already primes show an advantage. Primes generally are considered to be able [...]

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A Few Favourite London Wedding Photography Moments

A Few Favourite London Wedding Photography Moments I have not ever created a list of this nature, so I have I decided to keep it to a few of my London Wedding Photography favourites. Starting with just a few of my favourite snapshots , out of literally thousands that capture a myriad of moments for [...]

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My Portrait and Wedding Photography Gear List

I have been asked about the equipment I use for my photography and if it differs much between my portrait and my Wedding photography.  I think it can be comforting to knowing your photographer has the photographic equipment needed for your day, whatever the event and where ever it may be. I have created a [...]

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How much does a Wedding Photographer cost

This such a hot topic. I see photographers and brides bringing up this question time and again, and it's not an easy question to answer by any stretch, but I would like to try to at the least explain the costs. I would like to start by stating upfront that there are so many excellent [...]

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