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Adrian and Richard’s debonair Fortnum and Mason Wedding

Date : Summer.2015 Ceremony : Mayfair Library Wedding, London Venue : Fortnum & Mason, The Waterfront Couple : Adrian and Richard London Wedding Photographer : Dewan Demmer ---------- This was the day Adrian and Richard had decided was the day that they would be married, and it would be a small affair, shared with a few [...]

The Mayfair Same Sex Wedding of Taleb and David

The Same Sex Wedding Photography at Mayfair Library of Taleb and David Date : March.2014 Ceremony : Historic Mayfair Library, London Venue : Hoxton Grill Couple : Taleb and David North London Wedding Photographer : Dewan Demmer       March 29 2014 is a special day for all same sex couples in Britain, it [...]