A wedding is a very special event. One of the cornerstones of any couples time together and is always a great cause for celebration. Since planning a wedding begins as soon as the couple are engaged ( and even before), it’s important to find a wedding photographer who will capture those special moments along the way. After all, as with any wedding, the build-up is just as important as the actual event. From the getting ready moments to the last moments before the night ends, do not miss out a moment with Dewan Demmer.

Blackheath Halls was built in 1895 as a concert hall and is a grade II listed building. The beautiful and unique late Victorian public architecture of Blackheath Halls can add that special something to your wedding day and the Halls cater to both weddings and civil partnerships. For people with larger wedding parties and for people that want the convenience of having both their ceremony and reception in the same venue, Blackheath Halls is perfect for you.  

The interior of the Halls is opulent and the ceiling is well known for its fine plaster work.  This makes for a remarkable setting for many wedding and civil partnerships and the flexibility of the venue allows you to tailor your celebration to your individual needs.

The concert hall is best known for its splendid architecture with its high ceilings and the recital room with its grand piano is perfect for an intimate couple shoot. The concert hall is big enough to accommodate larger wedding parties, with a big stage perfect for speeches and entertainment for your reception accommodating up to 300 guests for dining and 160 for the ceremony. Disabled access is available.


About Me:

If you are looking for the right photographer for this venue, consider Dewan Demmer. Dewan is a fun photo journalistic photographer whose wedding photography is all about relaxing and enjoying your special day.  His style suits couples who are perhaps a little photo shy to couples who just want to relax, love each other and have fun after all the preparation that goes into getting married. This means he will capture images which are natural, as well as technically spot on. Dewan is also  London based, and he is familiar with Blackheath Halls and where to get the best photographs. Dewan’s style will complement the gorgeous architecture of this fantastic venue.

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Bride invites guests onto dancefloor at BlackHeath