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Wedding Photographers in London

Quality Wedding Photographers in London Dewan Demmer of Dewan Demmer Photography is often acknowledged as one of a select number of wedding photographers in London. If you want someone who offers an alternative and personal option to your wedding day, then he is the right choice for you. Dewan’s services are assuredly exclusive. As his services are in constant [...]

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Victoria Stakes – North London gastro pub wedding venue

THE VICTORIA STAKES - GASTRO PUB WEDDING VENUE Are you thinking about getting married at the Victoria Stakes in North London? Want a Wedding Photographer guaranteed to capture exceptional images? Look no further than Dewan Demmer. Based in this great city, Dewan is a professional wedding photographer who specialises in private and commercial commissions through [...]

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RSA House is a London Wedding venue for all seasons

Wedding Photography at RSA House Are you due to marry in 2016? Perhaps you’re getting married in an private setting such as the RSA House in London? Have you chosen your wedding photographer yet? If you still considering who to secure as your photographer, why not take a look at Dewan Demmer Photography? Dewan Demmer Photography is [...]

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Blackheath Halls wedding venue London

BLACKHEATH HALLS WEDDING VENUE LONDON A wedding is a very special event. One of the cornerstones of any couples time together and is always a great cause for celebration. Since planning a wedding begins as soon as the couple are engaged ( and even before), it’s important to find a wedding photographer who will capture those special moments [...]

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