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A time to Create and Innovate

Copyright and how is applied to everything around us has a tremendous impact on the manner in which we approach and interact with no only the copyrighted materials but how we apply ourselves to the ideas and concepts involved. There has always been two polarised schools of thought on this, one school standing up for [...]

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When in Doubt

A few weeks ago ( in fact it may be about a month ) I went off to a photoshoot, equipment in hand feeling quite unsure about myself and the picture I take. Now I have read that this happens at certain stages, this self doubt, this drained lack of self confidence but that did [...]

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London Photography | Portfolio Photoshoot at Autumn Leaves Farm Stables

A Portfolio Photoshoot Date : March.2012 Venue | Autumn Leaves Farm Stables Photographer | Dewan Demmer   Meet Andrew Rowland and Samantha Scheepers, two interesting people who are Tumanako "Paediatric Equine Therapy". These two individuals came together and work to help children with disabilities with the help of Spice. Spice is a very special horse, she [...]

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