Born in Pretoria and grew up in Johannesburg, and that wraps up that part about me.
Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have traveled around South Africa, from Johannesburg to Cape Town to Durban, I have seen the Kimberly Great Hole and Wild Life in the Kruger National Park. St Lucia Wetlands to the Karoo.
I have been in the fortunate position to see parts of Africa, its never enough and yet these glimpses have helped bring about a new perspective and a greater appreciation of the world we live in.
I have been fortunate to amongst people who cared about me and with who I relationships have grown.
The most significant influence in my photos right now is my family, they help, support and give me the critical comments others might not, and I am always grateful to them for their support, honesty and love.
With so many places seen and such people around me its no surprise I follow the shadow of photography so avidly.
I have always enjoyed photography, ever since I had my first point and click camera. I would love to say I have always worked towards a great photo, but I when I was young I simply took a photo, a collection of memories and place markers in my life, with time I have discovered my appreciation of photography and as time moved on so has my skills been changes and improved and inch by inch I have gotten better, or this I at least hope is true.
Years later I realised that this is where I wanted to be, a photographer and with each day I work towards being the best I can be, .