The Same Sex Wedding Photography at Mayfair Library of Taleb and David

Date : March.2014

Ceremony : Historic Mayfair Library, London

Venue : Hoxton Grill

Couple : Taleb and David

North London Wedding Photographer : Dewan Demmer

Clever Photo of Grooms in front of moving bus

The Grooms at Langham wedding photography


Wedding Couple read a concratulations card

Chocolate and champagne at The Langham

Special badges for special people on wedding day

Wedding Rings 2014-03-29

A friend helps the couple get ready

Gay wedding couple at Langham Hotel

perfum applied Langham hotel

Groom Leaves Langham Hotel for London wedding photography

Same Sex wedding couple cross road

Wedding Couple crossing road at Langham Hotel


Couple crossing the street near Langham Hotel London

Front of Langham Hotel wedding photography

Same sex wedding couple check time wedding photography

Wedding Photography of Wedding outside Langham Hotel

Wedding day Taxi to Piccadilly

Grooms with special signs

Grooms walk down Pall Mall on wedding day

Gay couple jumping in front of gay pride flag

Sharing a joke in front of Mayfair Library

Groom and friends in Mayfair

Photography of Gay wedding couple walk down the aisle at mayfair library

Gay Wedding Ceremony Mayfair Library photography

Groom makes a funny face during ceremony

Photography of wedding ceremony mayfair library during vows

Ring on finger at mayfair wedding photography

Sand ceremony at gay wedding Photography

Colourful bottle at mayfair library

Tears at gay wedding ceremony at mayfair photographed

29 March sign says married for gay wedding photography

Confetti packet at Mayfair Library

Confetti as same sex couple leave Mayfair Library

Photography of Confetti as gay couple leave mayfair library married

The Routemaster Bus

Wishing wedding couple best on chalk board

Groom with friends

cool wedding drinks at hoxton grill

Hoxton Grill signing book and bunting

Same Sex Wedding Cake and fun cake top

Groom Name Tags Hoxton Grill

Table setting at hoxton grill

Special heart with couples initials at hoxton Grill london

cutting wedding cake

Grooms with figures off cake photographed at hoxton grill

Groom through talking guests

Grooms special dance move at Hoxton

Groom doing iranian dancing at hoxton grill


March 29 2014 is a special day for all same sex couples in Britain, it is from this day that gay and lesbian couples were officially recognised in gay wedding couples as married. The law had finally changed to acknowledge that the couple could be married and not only be joined in a civil partnership.  David and Taleb made this day their wedding day, and they did it in style.

David and Taleb are some of the friendliest people you might ever meet, they made every part of the day feel as though it was the best part of the day. I stepped off Regent Street , in Marylebone, and into The Grand Langham Hotel, this is where the day started for our couple. This Grand hotel has stood since 1865 and been host to a long list of great historic figures and truly lives up to the standards of the 5 star hotel that it is.

David and Taleb were in no rush and sipped on Krug Champagne whilst they calling in someone to assist getting their bow-ties just the way they should be. With the Champagne finished and the bow-ties tied it was our time to take a walk through London and for me to take a few photos along the way.

A quick Taxi to Piccadilly circus and soon well wishers were stopping to have a chat and wish them well, and the couple were happy to chat with each well wisher and listen. The great bit is we still had time to get a little brilliant wedding photography in Piccadilly, and then on we went down the road to Pall Mall and saw the Pride flag proudly flying. The exciting London Meander time was soon over and we were on our way to Mayfair and to meet family and friends of the couple before the ceremony.

On such a historic day it was not a surprise that a few news reporters had to avoided so that the couple could enjoy their day as they should. The same sex wedding ceremony was a sincere and heartfelt event, with a few lighter moments that brought laughter to a few teary faces. They couple added their own flavour to the ceremony by adding a sand ceremony at the end, a ceremony where they mixed sands of two different colours into one bottle, a symbolic gesture of two lives joining into one.

With the cheer of well wishers and confetti on the street we climbed into a routemaster bus and led on a scenic trundle though London, on our way to Hoxton Grill. The guests waved at passers by and at people on other buses and as they did this guests had the opportunity to write small messages on a chalk board for David and Taleb, that I duly photographed and now have for the couple to keep as a memento from each guest.

The Hoxton grill really made the couple welcome and gathered in the Garden with a tasty meal to keep the guests happy and a special cake to sooth the sweet tooth.

Overall an amazing wedding and put together by a brilliant couple.
I do want to thank my every present and very helpful second shooter for the day Carla Thomas, she got made my day that little bit easier.


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Article by Dewan Demmer of Dewan Demmer Photography