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View-of-the-Thames-at-Night-from-HQS-Wellington HQS-Wellington-at-Night

Season : Summer

Ceremony and Venue :HQS Wellington, Temple, London

Couple : April and Daniel

London Wedding Photographer : Dewan Demmer

Able Assistant and Second Photographer : Amy Fetherston Fanton


The before had rained and I started the day wondering if it would be a rainy day, and the rain clouds hung in the hung unable to decide if the wanted to rain or simply enjoy the day. This worked out brilliantly for everyone, with moments of sunshine and every now and then a little overcast to ensure it did not get to hot.

April and Daniel a brilliant couple, who have moved their lives from London to Glasgow, and in fact Daniel moved to Glasgow to be with April when she travelled North to study.They are a couple that love each other dearly and truly suited each other.

The couple had looked around London for a suitable venue and could not find the right place until the saw the HQS Wellington. The Ship have everything they wanted from their venue and offered it in a style that suited them perfectly. Moored a short walk from the embankment tube-station and an even shorter walk from Temple Station.  The view from HQS Wellington is terrific with a wonderful panoramic view of the Thames , from the Blackfriars Bridge on one side and on the other we get a wonderful view of the London Eye and the Big Ben.A little history of the HQS Wellington, it is a sloop, and started its life in the Royal Navy in 1934. The HQS Wellington also served as a convoy escort ship during the second world war. She is now moored alongside the Victoria Embankment, at Temple Pier, on the River Thames in London as the headquarters ship of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.
April and Daniel made sure to include special extras to their day that made it personal, and made it special for all their guests. The two special extras that stand out the most for me are the ribbon ceremony and the ceilidh ( keili ) dancing.
With a wonderful and heartfelt wedding ceremony held on the HQS Wellington, the couple had every guest write on a small card attached with ribbon, and then each guest as they wished the couple the best for future tied the ribbon around the couples joined hands. The nice bit being that the ribbons have been kept as a reminder of every persons best wishes for them and their future. The Ribbons did not stay on the whole day, if you were wondering, and after the group photos out came the ceremonial scissors and the best man had the task of cutting through the 100 odd ribbons, which turned out to be a task a lot more difficult that originally expected.
I did enjoy watching everyone get involved in the ceilidh ( keili ) dancing, and while I immediately drew a comparison to traditional line dancing, there are very distinct differences, the first being complexity. The ceilidh ( keili ) dancing, had everyone involved, jumping, and swinging and moving in ( mostly ) ordered circles and every person who starting dancing had a smile on their face the entire time.

A little moment of the day that sticks out for me is that they had a friend brew a special batch of home-made beer, and he was able to produce, bottle and proudly present 2 large crates of his special beer. Each Crate was a special mix, sadly only one of the crates ever made it to the table as one crate never made it due to a small incident involving stairs. I do believe the bride was more worried about the beer than the groom, that said I believe at the time the groom was preparing himself for one of the most important moments of his life.

I do want mention my assistant and second photographer for the day, Amy Fetherston Fanton, she put in so much effort and kept everyone around her smiling.



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Article by Dewan Demmer of Dewan Demmer Photography